Cinema Premiere

On Sunday 12th April 2015, the director’s cut of The Great European Disaster Movie will have its premiere at the Genesis Cinema, Whitechapel London.

The screening will be followed by a debate, and an after-party.

Tickets are available online now:

Praise for The Great European Disaster Movie:

“An intriguing cinematic structure that blends a what-if kind of storytelling with hard-headed experts to tease out history. The Great European Disaster Movie is a much-needed reminder that Europe’s natural state for centuries was poverty, fighting and fear. Seventy years of peace cannot – should not – be thrown away lightly.”

- Fiametta Rocco, The Economist.

“This film achieves something rare: a genuine cross-border and cross-cultural conversation among Europeans of wildly different views about the continent they live in. The striking juxtaposition might jolt the ultra-federalists and the ultra-nationalists into realising that their neither of their remedies can work. The film also shows dispassionately how on present trends a great disaster may in fact be coming.”

- William Horsley.

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